Prepare a design for environmental performance report

This template replaces environmental sustainability reports and enables you to demonstrate compliance with relevant planning controls.

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What you need to do

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Before you start

We’re committed to sustainable development and ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste, improving air and water quality and greening our city. Our targets are outlined in our Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan, which informs our policies and planning controls.

A precondition to receiving development consent is demonstrating design excellence which includes ecologically sustainable development. The development must also meet the requirements under section J of the National Construction Code and State Environmental Planning Policy (Building Sustainability Index: BASIX), where relevant.

The design for environmental performance template sets out how you can demonstrate compliance with relevant planning controls.

It replaces the need for ecologically sustainable development, generic energy efficiency or consultant's BASIX reports. The information you provide here will form part of any development consent granted.

You’ll still need to lodge any other supporting material required under SDCP 2012 and associated codes and policies, such as stormwater or hydraulic plans, landscape plans, National Construction Code section J reports, BASIX certificates and NatHERS documentation.

After you finish

When you lodge the form, we’ll send you a copy of your report. Please keep this safe and attach to your application or provide it to your client or their planning consultant.