Public toilets

Public toilets

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Automatic public toilets

To find local public toilets, search the National Public Toilet Map, which provides accessibility details and opening hours.

These automatic facilities are open 24 hours a day:

Hyde Park (north and south)Belmore Park (near Central station)Wynyard ParkWard Park (Surry Hills)Circular Quay (Alfred Street)Fitzroy Gardens (Kings Cross)Joynton Park, Tote Park and Nuffield Park (Zetland)

After each use the toilet bowl and floor is cleaned and disinfected automatically.

Instructions on how to use the automatic toilets are clearly displayed, also in Braille. Audio instructions are also available.

Each toilet visit is capped at 20 minutes with an alarm sounding well before the door opens.

Though it is rarely needed, there is an emergency button linked directly to the facility operator.

Parents should enter with small children, as the automatic sensors are activated by 25kg of pressure.

Standard (non-automatic) public toilets can be found at libraries and near other major parks.

Additional public toilets

Many more public toilets in the local area aren’t managed by the City of Sydney and can usually be found at:

You can download a map of public toilets in the local area. You can also download more information about accessible toilets in the city centre.

Public toilet strategy

The City's public toilet strategy recommends, subject to funding availability and budget approval:

  • building new toilets in identified village centres
  • upgrading toilets in some neighbourhood parks
  • providing accessible public toilets at Town Hall House
  • investigating the use of retractable pop-up urinals in entertainment precincts
  • encouraging retailers and cafes to provide public access to their toilet facilities.


National Public Toilet Map

Last updated: Monday, 17 August 2015