Sydney rides

Riding a bike is a fun, healthy and sustainable way of getting around the city. Using 2 wheels can also save you time and money. 

More and more Sydneysiders are riding bikes for transport, with a 100% increase over the past 3 years. Twice as many are riding bikes for transport than the national average, and some 31,600 City of Sydney residents get on a bike in a typical week (2013 Australian Bicycle Council survey).

The City is supporting this growth in cycling by building a 200km bike network which includes dedicated bike paths separating riders from traffic and pedestrians.

City staff are out and about each week at key locations with information and advice on bike riding in Sydney and our Try2Wheels events offer expert advice on everything from route planning to buying a new bike.

The City also offers courses, cycling in the city and bike care and maintenance at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre.

Dockless bike sharing is now in Sydney and provides a low-cost transport option for residents and visitors. 

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Sydney Cycleways

We’ve brought together a whole range of information to get you pedalling around Sydney. Visit Sydney Cycleways for:

  • tips for riding safely
  • advice for new riders
  • maps and routes
  • bike stores and hire
  • bicycle user groups
  • upcoming events
  • cycling and bike maintenance courses
  • current and completed cycleways.

Beat the traffic.

Fed-up with crowded buses? Join these Sydneysiders and ride instead. Watch the video and share their experience.


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The art of gracious cycling


No matter where you ride, or how often – do you ride graciously? Watch this video to find out.

Last updated: Tuesday, 7 August 2018