Fines and enquiries

Fines and enquiries

Paying and contesting fines

Parking related infringement enquiries only

Revenue NSW is responsible for the receipt and processing of fines, and administering the fine enforcement system for the collection of unpaid fines.

If you have received a fine, you can pay your fine online or view your options at the Revenue NSW website.

To contest a fine, contact Revenue NSW and include the following in your letter:

  • clear copy of the fine (marked 'penalty infringement notice' at the top)
  • identification number displayed on the meter
  • date and time you attempted to use the meter
  • brief description of the problem you encountered
  • reference number supplied by the parking meter customer service centre (if available).

Revenue NSW

PO BOX 786
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
1300 138 118Request a review

Testing meters

Parking meters in the City of Sydney are inspected, tested and maintained daily by technicians.

An automatic monitoring system alerts technicians when a fault occurs and the meter is fixed within 2 hours.

If you do encounter a problem and would like further information about what you should do, call the number on the parking meter itself at the time you encounter the problem.

If you are contacting one of the parking meter call centres, a staff member will log your call, give you a reference number and send a technician to inspect the meter. The technician will record your reference number when the problem is resolved.

Please note the reference number does not automatically waive a fine if you receive an infringement notice.

You can view parking meter call centre details.

All fines (infringements) are administered by Revenue NSW, not the City's rangers.


Feedback and enquiries

For parking meter enquiries and feedback only.

Parking Services
City of Sydney
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001
02 9265 9333

Please include your name, address and a contact phone number so we can respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Last updated: Wednesday, 2 August 2017