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What you need to do

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For those who love the water, the card allows entry for a swim at any City of Sydney aquatic centre for $2.

The fee includes access to the steam and sauna at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre.

For those looking for a workout, the card gives you access for just $5.50 to the fitness centres at:

The tennis access card provides court hire for $7.50 per hour at our tennis courts.

Before you start

Are you eligible?

You must be one of the following:

  • Holder of a valid Commonwealth Health Care Card, a Pensioner Concession Card or Seniors Health Card (not a Seniors Card)
  • Assessed as suffering financial hardship
  • Person seeking asylum or refugee living in the City of Sydney's area.

Non-residents can apply for an access card to use our aquatic and fitness centres during off-peak times only. Off-peak times are:

  • Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm and after 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday after 1pm.

Applications under financial hardship

City of Sydney residents experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for an access card. To be eligible you, or your household, must be earning (before tax) less than:

  • 1 individual – $42,300 a year
  • 2 individuals – $42,300 to $67,600 a year
  • Families $67,601 to $101,400 per year.

If you are applying for a card because of financial hardship, you must provide:

  • the most recent tax return for all working adults in the household
  • the most recent payslip for all working adults in the household
  • a Medicare Card (for families only).

If you own assets or property which would reasonably be used to relieve your financial hardship, you may not be eligible for a card. It is against the law to use false or misleading information in order to obtain a City of Sydney access card.

Eligibility of people seeking asylum and refugees

People seeking asylum and refugees living in the City of Sydney’s area can apply for an access card.

Please provide:

  • proof of identity
  • a valid ImmiCard, Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) card, or a supporting letter from your advocacy agency.