Child safety online – a guide for parents and caregivers of children under 12

There are a few things parents and caregivers should consider while your children are participating in our online programs.


Our commitment to child safety online

Our commitment to child safety online lets you know what to expect from us.

It includes a list of dos and don’ts when we welcome you into our online programs. And who you should talk to if you feel unsafe or need help.

If you see, hear or feel something that worries you – tell someone

If something happens online that concerns you or your child, please let us know.

Please speak with the program organiser. Their contact details will be provided when you register for the program.

Please see our child safe reporting process for details about who you should contact if you see something that concerns you.

Speak with them after each session

Have open conversations about who they’re talking to online – inside and outside of City of Sydney programs.

Get to know us

Taking some time to meet and greet City of Sydney employees before your child engages with us during our sessions. This allows for open conversations about how your child is interacting with others.

It takes a village and these conversations help you to identify when your child may be having negative experiences online.

Consider joining your children

When they’re online it’s important to share your children’s interests.

When online, this also gives you a chance to experience our sessions so you can speak with your child about what they have learnt, what they have enjoyed and if there is anything they did not enjoy.

Set time limits

Help your child maintain a balance between online activities and offline time.

Consider limiting how long they can spend alone online

When your children use their devices in shared family rooms, you can monitor and manage who they engage with online.

You can also help to make sense of it all with them.

Consider parental controls

Parental controls help you monitor and limit what your child sees online.

But speak with them and let them know why you have applied them. It’s important they understand that you haven’t applied them because you’re trying to stop their fun.

Keep an eye on new apps and platforms

To keep your children and young people safe online, it is important to keep on top of new apps and platforms.

Visit the eSafety Commissioner’s eSafety Guide to find out more.

Online resources

If you want to know more about being safe online, talk to your parents or caregivers.

There is lots of information online you can look at together:

ThinkUKnow is a national program providing online child safety information in schools and organisations to parents, carers, teachers and students from the first year of school to Year 12.