New cycling connections for Alexandria and Erskineville

Building links on well-used bike routes to support people riding safely while physical distancing

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

We’re working on changes to cycling connections in Alexandria and Erskineville. These new bike links improve safety and access for people riding and walking, and local residents. 

Council approved the new cycling connections in May 2021.

The new links are located on well-used bike routes and connect Alexandria and Erskineville to the broader bike network. They support new and existing riders, creating more options for people to travel safely while maintaining physical distance. 

Bike riding is a popular transport option in this area, with people choosing to ride to access the city centre, local businesses, schools and parklands, including Sydney Park.

The new bike connections include:

  • a permanent cycleway in place of the pop-up cycleway on Henderson Road, Railway Parade and Bridge Street • a new cycleway on Ashmore and Harley streets between Fox Avenue and McEvoy Street.
  • a new cycleway on Mitchell Road and Huntley Street between Sydney Park Road and Belmont Street.
  • 4 new shared paths, creating connections to schools, between Elliott Avenue and Buckland Street.

These connections align with the NSW Government’s bike network plans for inner Sydney and make bike riding a safer option for people who choose to ride to access local schools, parks, businesses or for work.

Work plans – Henderson Road Railway Parade and Bridge StreetPDF · 8.75 MB · Last modified
Work plans – Ashmore and Harley streetsPDF · 7.09 MB · Last modified
Work plans – Mitchell Road and Huntley StreetPDF · 10.26 MB · Last modified
Safe routes to schoolPDF · 6.09 MB · Last modified