Project Status: In progress

What we’re doing

We’re improving the northern section of Portman Street, Merton Street and Hansard Street between Joynton and Dunning avenues. These works will balance the demand for on-street parking while increasing safety for people walking and riding in the town centre.

There will also be changes to parking restrictions on some of these streets.

Works include:

  • raised intersection of Portman Street and Merton Street
  • new zebra crossing and lighting at Hansard Street and Joynton Avenue
  • new continuous footpath treatments
  • rear to kerb angled parking in some locations
  • new stormwater pits and pipes
  • new footpath lighting in Portman Street
  • new concrete footpaths, paving, road resurfacing and line marking
  • kerb extensions and new garden beds.

We will take steps to minimise impacts but there will be some machinery noise, temporary restrictions to vehicle parking and alternative pedestrian access.

Why we’re doing this

We consulted on these plans in mid-2021. They were approved at the Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee meeting in August 2021. Continuous footpath treatments and raised pedestrian crossings were approved by the committee in February 2022.

View the plans

Improvement plans – Hansard Street at Portman Street PDF · 520.42 KB · Last modified
Improvement plans – Portman Street and Merton StreetPDF · 485.96 KB · Last modified
Improvement plans – Portman Street at Navins LanePDF · 471.67 KB · Last modified
Parking restrictions – Portman, Merton and Hansard streetsPDF · 2.08 MB · Last modified