Music collection

CDs, sheet music and streaming options.

Woman listening to music


You can borrow as many as 30 items free for up to 3 weeks, or stream and download music online.


You can choose from over 9,000 titles listed in our online catalogue.

The collection covers a vast range of music styles and genres including:

  • country
  • chamber music
  • classical
  • instrumentals
  • opera
  • pop
  • rhythm and blues
  • world music.


The sheet music collection includes classical and contemporary scores.

Items in this collection are available for loan from the Customs House and Green Square Library branches.

Stream and download

Library members can stream and download music online.

Freegal Music provides access to over 15 million songs from over 40,000 labels including the Sony Music catalogue, with music that comes from over 100 countries.

There is no software to download and there are no digital rights management restrictions.