Significant trees

Our Register of Significant Trees lists trees chosen for historical, cultural, social, ecological and outstanding visual appeal. Explore the interactive map, find them by name or by suburb.

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Reducing water use under new restrictions

Following the introduction of level 2 water restrictions, the City of Sydney will further reduce water use across all our parks, pools and facilities.

Find out how we're reducing water use.

The benefits of trees

Trees are an important urban asset providing environmental, aesthetic, cultural and economic benefits.

They contrast with the buildings that dominate most city streets, soften traffic noise, screen unwanted views, reduce glare and shade us during warmer weather.

Air quality is improved through photosynthesis where trees absorb carbon dioxide, store it and then return oxygen to the atmosphere. Trees reduce air pollution trapping airborne particles, dust and the toxins that mostly come from diesel exhausts.

After rainfall trees also filter toxins from the first flush of stormwater run-off, improving our water quality while tree roots keep the soil porous allowing stormwater absorption rather than draining into Sydney Harbour.

Shade from trees reduces the need for air-conditioning in summer and reduce what is known as the urban heat island effect, where temperatures stay warmer longer due to the many heat absorbent surfaces in cities such as roads, footpaths and buildings.

Urban forest

Our tree policies aim to protect and enhance the City of Sydney's urban forest through increasing the urban canopy with projects such as our free tree giveaway.

Pruning and removing trees

You need to get approval before you can cut back, remove a tree or undertake construction work near a tree. We encourage talking to your neighbours too before you start.

Street trees

We manage and maintain thousands of street trees across the local area to create more green corridors and increase the tree canopy cover across the City.

Tree donations

Our tree donation policy outlines where donated trees can be planted, tree selections, tree maintenance and how to participate in tree planting.

Last updated: Thursday, 4 April 2019