Tables and seating, a barbecue with a sink and food prep area.  The solar glass panels are circular insets into square blocks that make up the shade structure.
Ducks swimming in the water among reeds.
Barbecue area, paving and sloping landscaped surfaces around the lawn. Trees planted in the wetland water feature that runs down the side of the park. Next to it is Zetland Avenue. Apartment buildings around the park in the background.

A 6,200m² open space in the heart of the Green Square town centre for friends and family to gather, relax and play. It also provides walking connections to the Green Square town centre.


  • Open and terraced lawns included

  • Picnic area included

    A barbecue area under a shade structure with innovative, clear solar glass.

  • Picnic area included

    Picnic areas dotted through the park.

  • Seating included


  • Mobility parking within 300m included

    Limited parking including accessible parking spots are available on Zetland Avenue, Paul Street and Portman Street.

  • Wheelchair access included

    All pathways through The Drying Green are wheelchair accessible with entries on Paul Street, and Zetland Avenue and Geddes Avenue. Shaded wheelchair seating is provided next to fixed seating on accessible surfaces on Geddes Avenue. The barbecue and nearby tables are wheelchair accessible.