Report a badly behaving animal

There are steps you can take if animals in your neighbourhood are behaving badly – for example, barking all the time, damaging gardens, attacking or chasing people, animals or vehicles.

One of our rangers will follow up on your complaint, usually within 24 hours

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What you need to do

Complaints about dogs

We encourage you to report dog attacks and other problems, such as owners not following the legislation.

Our employees regularly visit local parks, including designated off-leash areas, to make sure pets and people are doing the right thing.

We try to respond quickly to reports of incidents and will take appropriate action where possible.

Complaints about cats

Under NSW law, cats are allowed to roam free. Rangers cannot simply pick up stray cats – they might be someone's pet.

Our rangers can only seize a cat in areas where they are prohibited, such as a wildlife protection area, commercial kitchen, restaurant or café.

Cats can also be seized when they have injured a person or another domestic animal.

Don't encourage stray cats to stay in your area. Keep your garbage bin closed.

Contact us to:

  • notify us about a cat in a prohibited area or to report an attack
  • discuss options for managing stray and feral cats.