Housing codes in Rosebery

Project Status: In progress

Temporary exemption

We asked for community feedback on the new low-rise housing density code and its impacts on Rosebery in mid-2020.

During consultation, people raised concerns about 2-storey development being approved through the state environmental planning policy (exempt and complying development codes) 2008.

A question also arose about private covenants on the title of properties in Rosebery that appear to prohibit 2-storey development.

The Housing Code and the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code have been temporarily suspended for the Rosebery Estate area to allow the Department of Planning and Environment time to resolve the covenant issue.

What we’re doing

We’ve been working through the issue with the Department.

We will update the community as information becomes available.

Mid-2020 consultation

Between 25 May and 19 June 2020, we sought your views on the NSW Government’s code and our response to it.

Contributions to that consultation are closed. The information below is for historical purposes only.