Register your annual fire safety statement

Every year, the owner of a building or premises must provide us and Fire and Rescue NSW with a statement certifying preventative measures work properly.

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What you need to do

Can’t lodge your fire safety statement?

In situations where you cannot lodge your an annual fire safety statement, building owners can apply for a request for stay of penalty infringement notice(s).

The City of Sydney is unlikely to approve applications involving poor building site management.

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Annual fire safety statement

Fire safety practitioners

From 1 October 2017, assessments for fire safety statements are to be undertaken by a competent fire safety practitioner. Building owners who submit yearly or supplementary fire safety statements will need to choose a competent fire safety practitioner.

The Department of Customer Service is currently developing an accreditation framework to recognise industry schemes that will accredit individuals as competent fire safety practitioners.

A guide for building owners can help determine if a person is a competent fire safety practitioner in the interim.

When the accreditation scheme is established a register will then be available for building owners to select a competent fire safety practitioner.

Before you start

Preparing your fire statement

Fire safety inspections

Authorised City of Sydney building officers will inspect premises thought to be at risk. Fire safety inspections do not normally involve domestic single dwellings (class 1a type buildings).

Our officers will conduct the inspection as soon as possible. They have legislative power to enter and inspect premises. They carry photographic identification that can be produced on request.

Subsequent inspections can be organised to suit the requirements of the owners and or occupiers of the building.