Get approval for works on public land

A public domain plan assessment is required to obtain or amend consent for works that impact on civic spaces and assets.

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What you need to do

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Before you start

Plan requirements

Plans must be prepared in line with our public domain manual and shall include:

  • a site plan drawn to a minimum scale of 1:500 showing the relation of the public domain works to the boundaries of the adjacent lots and buildings.
  • plans drawn to a minimum scale of 1:100 showing complete public domain works indicating the location of the proposed works in relation to the boundaries and proposed and/or existing buildings, plus elevations and cross-sections.

Detailed written specification

A detailed specification must be provided if not fully described on the plan.

Where any work of a structural nature is involved, such as footing, slabs, signs, street furniture and retaining walls, details including where required a certificate of design from a practising structural engineer must be provided. Under law, the City of Sydney is absolved of all liability from relying on a certificate of design or installation certificate.

Digital requirements

  • All plans and documents, including the application form must be lodged in digital format by email or on a single USB.
  • Each group of plan types, such as site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations and documents, must be supplied as separate PDF files, not larger than 20MB and named in accordance with our digital requirements
  • Refer to our guide on lodging electronic files for development and building applications for file formats, naming conventions and other details.

After you finish

Once your application is received, we may contact you for further information or clarification.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact the public domain team.