Outdoor alcohol restrictions

We’re responsible for creating and maintaining well-designed streets and public spaces that are safe and attractive for residents, workers and visitors.

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For all emergencies please dial 000 (triple zero). If your matter is not an emergency, call 131 444 or contact your local police station.

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Alcohol restrictions

Like all councils in NSW, we implement outdoor alcohol restrictions in some locations in response to police and community requests that help prevent alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and crime in public places.

Alcohol-free zones apply to public roads and footpaths, while alcohol-prohibited areas apply to parks and civic spaces. Timed restrictions are also used. Where restrictions are in place alcohol consumption is not permitted in these areas, and police have the power to confiscate alcohol. There are no fines associated with the offence.

The map below shows sites where restrictions are in place – only the areas highlighted have restrictions in place.

These zones and areas are not related to licensed premises. We are a strong supporter of the night-time economy and the thousands of businesses that contribute to our safe, diverse and vibrant nightlife.

The zones and areas are in place for up to 4 years. They can also be established on a timed basis in parks, or on a temporary basis for special events like New Year’s Eve.

If you see people drinking in an area with outdoor alcohol restrictions, contact your local police station.

If a sign has been damaged, stolen or defaced, contact us to let us know.

Alcohol-free zones and alcohol-prohibited areas

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Outdoor alcohol restrictions in NSW

The Office of Local Government has more information about alcohol-free zones and alcohol-prohibited areas in NSW.

Visit www.olg.nsw.gov.au.