Fireworks in the local area

Find out who authorises them, who puts them on and who to contact if they're disturbing your night.

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What you need to do

Regulation and management of fireworks displays

SafeWork NSW manages and regulates the planning and authorisation of fireworks displays.

We display fireworks during the Sydney Lunar Festival, the Christmas tree lighting at Martin Place and our world-famous New Year’s Eve celebration.

All other fireworks throughout the year are organised by other authorities: 

Notice must be provided 7 days before a fireworks event. Fireworks can be organised by a person, organisation, public authority or private company.

You can search for upcoming fireworks notifications that have been lodged with SafeWork NSW.

Our responsibilities

We aren’t necessarily notified when fireworks will occur in these areas. We’re notified, only when required, that a fireworks display is planned.

We normally then advise SafeWork NSW if we support or object to the planned display based on the success of previous events at particular locations or by particular operators.