KGV hall
The basketball court features a decorative background.
People in wheelchairs playing basketball.

King George V Recreation Centre has multipurpose courts available for hire. The indoor and outdoor courts can be used for a variety of sporting activities.



Up to 17m x 60m.


Operational hours can be extended for special event bookings.
  • Monday to Friday

    7am to 2pm

  • Saturday and Sunday



  • Level access entrance included

  • Changing places facilities not included

  • Accessible toilets included


  • Ambulant toilets not included

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Court hire

1 hour booking times available Monday to Friday


Indoor court

Basketball, netball and futsal


per hour

Outdoor futsal


per hour

How to book

Call 02 9244 3600. Bookings essential.

Cost to play casually

Bookings essential. If you don’t have a booking, you won’t be permitted access once the session has started.

Indoor court

For special events, this space can be set up with netting and rings raised to create an open area of 17m by 60m.

For sports events, the space can be set up for the following courts:

  • Basketball: 2 international-sized courts – 15m x 28m each
  • Netball: 2 courts – 15m x 28m each
  • Futsal: 2 courts – 17m x 28m each
  • Volleyball: 2 international-sized courts, or 4 smaller volleyball courts – 8.5m x 17m.
  • Badminton: 6 courts – 6.1m x 13.4m.

Outdoor court

This court has a synthetic grass surface with sand underlay.

Futsal court is 17m x 28m.

During extreme weather conditions such as lightning storms, the outdoor courts will close for play.