Pay or enquire about a parking fine

Revenue NSW is responsible for the receipt and processing of fines, and administering the enforcement system to collect unpaid fines.

If you've not paid the fine, you should try to make the request by the due date on the penalty reminder notice.

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What you need to do

Before you start

When to contact Revenue NSW

Please contact Revenue NSW for any information about the penalty notice or to request a review of the penalty notice.

When to contact City of Sydney

Contact the City of Sydney for parking meter enquiries and feedback only.

Other information

Parking meters in the City of Sydney are inspected, tested and maintained daily by technicians.

An automatic monitoring system alerts technicians when a fault occurs and the meter is generally fixed within 2 hours.

Problems with parking meters should be reported.

If you have a problem with a parking meter

If you do encounter a problem with a parking meter, call the number on the parking meter itself at the time you encounter the problem.

If you are contacting one of the parking meter call centres, a staff member will log your call, give you a reference number and send a technician to inspect the meter. The technician will record your reference number when the problem is resolved.

Please note the reference number does not automatically waive a fine if you receive an infringement notice.