Planning for Sydney 2050 – what we heard

Planning for Sydney 2050 – what we heard

How your views are shaping our plan for 2050

Since February 2019, we've undertaken extensive community consultation to hear a diverse range of views. This included:

  • 5,000 surveys completed
  • 33 pop-up consultation events across the city
  • 19 workshops with students from local schools
  • 425 students from 19 schools and 1 university
  • 392 postcards completed
  • 2,800 entries on our consultation boards
  • 250 Facebook comments, shares and likes
  • 26 stories and 73 poems about Sydney written by community members.

I am Sydney

Read the stories and poems written about Sydney by 25 people as part of the I Am Sydney story writing program we ran in collaboration with the Story Factory. 

The stories capture the friendship, passion, heartache and humour of our city.

Watch the I Am Sydney video that captures our community’s thoughts and voices about Sydney.

Our future Sydney

Read Our future Sydney, the report from our consultations with children and young people.

From April to June 2019 we ran 20 workshops with 19 schools in the City of Sydney local area.

Students from local schools will attend 2 summits in August to deliberate further on the priorities that are highlighted in the report. Each summit will culminate in the students presenting recommendations for action to our local government leaders.

Community engagement insights

Read the Community engagement insights report.

When people were asked for words to describe Sydney in the future, safe, sustainable, green and walkable, were consistently the most popular choices.

Main themes identified by the community

A city for people. People want a city that is green with trees and plants, has quality public spaces and different types of housing that is affordable. It is a socially supportive community that is safe and inclusive.

A city that moves. People want to use public transport, walk and ride bikes to move around the city. There is a reduction of cars, where streets and public spaces are easily accessible to people. The city is welcoming and people can readily get to where they need to go.

An environmentally responsive city. People overwhelmingly want a response to climate change. A city with sustainable waste management and use of resources. People want to see a reduction in carbon emissions, more recycling and re-using of products, and changes to how we use our city to reduce our impact on the environment. 

A lively, cultural and creative city. People want a vibrant city, weaving its culture, heritage, entertainment and bold ideas through the workings of the city. The city has diverse shopping and entertainment, and a lively nightlife that includes many options. Locals and visitors gather for events and cultural experiences using public spaces.

A city with a future focused economy. People want a city that is supported by digital infrastructure that sustains creating new jobs and allows businesses to respond to changing customer needs. People are optimistic about the opportunities that will be available in terms of education, jobs, innovation and the economy. 

The findings of our community engagement will be used to inform the development of our new plan for Sydney to 2050. The next phase from August to November 2019 will include a citizen's jury, summits for children and young people, and more targeted surveys. 

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Last updated: Wednesday, 24 July 2019