Sydney 2050 citizens jury

Sydney 2050 citizens jury

Final report

The citizens jury report details what concepts should be implemented in Sydney by 2050.

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Everyday people from the community

Since November 2018, we've undertaken extensive community consultation to help inform the vision for a new plan for Sydney to 2050.

From August 2019 to November 2019, we partnered with newDemocracy Foundation to convene a citizens jury of 50 everyday people to consider and make recommendations on:

What concepts should be implemented in Sydney by 2050 so that the community’s vision for the city is realised?

The jury deliberated over 6 full days on hundreds of responses to a public call-out for project ideas we received through our engagement program.

How a citizens jury works

A citizens jury includes everyday people directly in the process of decision making. It's made up of people from the community who bring their local knowledge to develop a consensus on the recommendations they will present to Council.

Citizens juries work because they're run by the citizens with independent facilitators. Jury members have access to information and detailed evidence, and they can request to hear from subject-matter experts of their own choosing. Read newDemocracy's detailed description of the jury process.

Community research panel

To stay informed about this project sign up for our community research panel, which represents the diversity of our city. It includes residents, visitors, business owners, ratepayers and students.

Jury meeting summaries

Meeting 1 – 24 August

Jury members were introduced to each other and the City's project team. The jury learnt about the process of participatory democracy, group decision making, critical thinking and deliberation, and members discussed how they would work together.

The jury was presented with key background information and context, and started thinking about how it would narrow down which concepts should be implemented in Sydney in 2050.

Meeting 2 – 7 September

The jury started to work its way through a first cut of the 1,400+ ideas the City received. The jury also interviewed 5 experts:

  • Kerryn Wilmot, Institute for Sustainable Futures (lead city buildings research program)
  • Lex Davidson, City of Sydney (live music and performance)
  • Michael Romano, Mirvac, development director
  • Prof Peter Phibbs, University of Sydney, chair urban planning and policy
  • Sebastian Smyth, City of Sydney (city access and transport).

Meeting 3 – 21 September

The jury further reviewed and refined the list of concepts and identified themes.

The jury also decided on the group of experts it would consult on the initial concepts for comment and review.

Meeting 4 – 26 October

The jury's chosen experts gave presentations, followed by small group discussions with these experts:

  • Anna Hopwood, TreeIQ
  • Katherine O’Regan, Sydney Business Chamber
  • Ken Maher, Hassell
  • Lee Cooper, Wayside Chapel
  • Lucy Burgmann, Community Housing Ltd
  • Luke Brisco, IndijiLab
  • Michael Rodrigues, Night Time Industries Association
  • Ro Coroneos, Lendlease
  • Rory Gallagher, Behavioural Insights
  • Sue Boaden, Cultural Planner
  • Sue Donnelly, Belvoir Theatre
  • Stuart White, Institute for Sustainable Futures
  • Tim Nelson, Griffith University
  • William Chan, Cox Architecture.

The jury then revisited its shortlist of concepts and amended them according to what they learnt from the experts.

Meeting 5 – 9 November

The jury further refined its concepts and aligned them with the community values identified in earlier community engagement.

Meeting 6 – 23 November

At the final meeting, the jury wrote the report and developed an agenda to present its recommendations to the Lord Mayor.

The jury recommended 8 concepts to the City:

  1. Participatory governance.
  2. First Peoples of Australia – leadership and representation.
  3. Innovative and future ready.
  4. Housing for all.
  5. Regenerative ecosystem.
  6. Moving efficiently and sustainably.
  7. Embed creative arts in everyday life.
  8. 24-hour city.

Read the full citizens jury concepts report.

Sydney 2050 citizens jury

Sydney 2050 citizens jury

Sydney 2050 citizens jury

Last updated: Monday, 16 December 2019