International business

International business

Australia's global city

Sydney is Australia’s gateway to Asia and the entry point to regional NSW. The Asia region accounts for over 63% of Australia’s two-way trade. The city is a significant services hub and a key contributor to the Australian economy.

Sydney is the destination of choice for international corporations, investors, tourists and students. It is the leading knowledge-based economy in Australia with significant strengths across a number of industries, including financial and professional services, international education, tech startups, tourism, retail, and creative and digital.

Internationally recognised for its outstanding environmental performance, Sydney is transforming into a smart city. It’s embracing innovation and sustainability across all facets of the economy from policy development to infrastructure and built environment.

The City of Sydney is the local government authority responsible for an area covering approximately 26.15 square kilometres. It is home to over 230,000 residents and 20,000 businesses. The city’s economic output represents 20% of the NSW economy and 7% of Australia's GDP.

We play a critical role in boosting the local economy, creating globally connected communities and promoting Sydney’s reputation worldwide. We achieve this by working closely with local businesses, governments, consulates, foreign trade offices, chambers of commerce, international peak bodies and key influencers in the global ecosystem. The City has connections with 166 cities in 67 countries. 

With 54.9% of local residents born overseas, we have a unique opportunity to support and leverage our multicultural and diverse communities to sustain holistic economic, social and cultural ties and outcomes abroad.

We support local businesses to grow and thrive globally and international businesses to establish and invest in Sydney while leveraging the extensive global connections the City has with other cities around the world.

Our role

Our international engagement team hosts international delegations visiting Sydney, and curates thought leadership and capacity building programs to:

  • attract business, events, students and tourists to Sydney
  • foster connections between local and foreign businesses
  • organise investment showcases that promote the city and its economy
  • build skills and facilitate knowledge exchange
  • provide business grants throughout the year.


For more information, please contact:

International engagement team
+ 61 2 9265 9333

Last updated: Thursday, 12 December 2019