Pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists

A city for pedestrians and cyclists

A safe and attractive walking and cycling network linking streets, parks and open spaces is a vital part of Sustainable Sydney 2030.

City context

  • Residents walk or cycle for nearly half of their average weekday trips
  • They are also less likely to own a car, have a driving licence and use a car for short trips
  • The relatively high residential density surrounding the city centre suggests that within a 10 kilometre radius there is a significant potential pool of people who could cycle for work and other activities

Why action is needed

  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions and manage the impacts of climate change
  • Reduce reliance on traditional energy sources
  • Reduce congestion in the city centre
  • Improve health and wellbeing


  • Develop a network of safe, linked pedestrian and cycling paths integrated with green spaces throughout central Sydney
  • Give greater priority to cycle and pedestrian movements in the city centre
  • Promote sustainable travel for major workplaces and venues in the local area

Last updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2014