Housing for a diverse population

A wider range of housing so people who provide vital services can afford to live locally is one aim of Sustainable Sydney 2030.

City context

  • The current housing stock is growing and offers a reasonable diversity of type.
  • Central Sydney hosts a diverse population.
  • Housing affordability is a major problem for many residents and for people who aspire to live in the local area, particularly those in lower paid service industries.

Why action is needed

  • To provide an adequate supply of housing for a range of lifestyle choices and household types, including the local area’s diverse communities through culturally appropriate housing.
  • To ensure housing is available for low to middle income workers in essential services such as teaching, nursing, the police force and other emergency workers.
  • To preserve the share of public housing for very low income households.
  • To address homelessness among groups at risk.
  • To improve social cohesion.


Last updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2014