Green roofs and walls

Green roofs and walls

Green roofs and walls policy

The City is committed to increasing the number of high quality green roofs and walls in Sydney. In April 2014, the City adopted the green roofs and walls policy – the first of its kind in Australia.

Green roofs and walls provide many environmental and community benefits. They are an integral part of any sustainable city.

Advantages of a green roof or wall

Green roofs and walls provide many benefits to building owners and our city including:

  • improved air quality
  • beautifying buildings and the cityscape
  • supporting local biodiversity
  • supporting our physical and mental health
  • insulating buildings from heat and noise
  • creating new open space for recreation and food growing
  • extending roof life by protecting the waterproofing layer from weather and temperature changes
  • improving solar panel efficiency
  • cooling city temperatures and reducing the urban heat island effect
  • slowing and cleaning storm water runoff from buildings. 

Help to install a green roof or wall

We have a number of resources to help you build your green roof or wall.

Our green roofs resource manual contains more detailed information, see links below.

For information on waterproofing for green roofs and walls, take a look at our waterproofing guide.

If you would like to look at green roof projects that have been completed we have case studies on local sites including:

  • Beare Park amenities block
  • Surry Hills Library 

We also have information on things you might like to consider when designing your green roof or green wall. Take a look at our design guide.


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Last updated: Wednesday, 31 December 2014