Urban ecology action plan

Urban ecology action plan

Urban ecology strategic action plan

We love local species in our city. We are pretty chuffed that interesting species live in our villages and we think we could provide a pretty nice home to lots more indigenous animals with a bit of clever thinking.

With this in mind, the City of Sydney commissioned the urban ecology strategic action plan as one of many initiatives aimed at achieving the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision of a green, global and connected city.

The plan is based on a survey of the plants and animals that live in the local area and outlines the best ways to keep them here and help them thrive.

Although biodiversity has been greatly reduced from its original state within the local area, some significant vegetation and many fauna species remain. 

There is a huge opportunity to conserve and enhance these existing biodiversity values in the city.

Council adopted the urban ecology strategic action plan on 17 March 2014.

Please note: Our urban ecology strategic action plan is a supporting document to our Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan, which is the City's most up-to-date set of environmental targets and actions.

In a hurry? Check out our handy action plan infographic which will give you all the urban ecology facts you need to know … fast!

Last updated: Thursday, 13 July 2017