Building the Green Square to Ashmore connector

This project will provide better access for people walking, riding bikes and using public transport.

Project Status: In progress

What we’re doing

We’re building a new street connecting Green Square to the Ashmore precinct.

It will connect Geddes Avenue in the Green Square town centre with Bowden Street in Alexandria. It will include 2 new intersections with traffic signals at O’Riordan Street and Bourke Road and upgrade works to the existing traffic signals at Botany Road and Geddes Avenue.

We’ve made several changes to the original proposal and invited your feedback on a revised proposal for this project in May 2021.

The road features a single traffic lane in each direction to be dedicated as a public transport corridor (bus lanes) with local traffic access to adjoining properties. The road also features an on-road 2-way cyclepath that connects to the existing east-west cyclepaths on Bowden Street and Geddes Avenue. It also provides interchange with the existing north-south cyclepath on Bourke Road.

The new street will run from the intersection of Geddes Avenue and Botany Road, crossing at O’Riordan Street to the intersection of Bourke Road and Bowden Street.
Map showing alignment of the new street.