How to improve hygiene standards of a food business

Ensure good food safety if you’re serving dishes to customers.

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What you need to do

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Schemes and processes

Along with the state government we work with businesses by running a number of schemes to improve hygiene standards for food management.

Food safety inspections

We regularly inspect and advise food businesses about hygiene practices. Food-hygiene advice is also available over the phone.

Microbial analysis of food-contact surfaces and other possible sources of cross contamination may also be performed during routine inspections.

Complaints about food quality, contaminated food or unclean premises should be made to us.

Name and Shame scheme

The NSW Food Authority’s name and shame scheme publicises food businesses that fail to meet certain standards.

Scores on Doors

Scores on Doors is a voluntary program that recognises and celebrates food businesses that have demonstrated a good to excellent standard of food safety. The list of businesses that have received a score are promoted by us.

All restaurants, cafés, takeaways and bakeries in the local area are eligible to participate, provided they meet the required food safety standard. To find out more, you can contact us.