Community composting

Community composting


Composting is a great way to use food waste that may otherwise go to landfill. The compost you can create is good for the soil and very handy when growing your own food.

Your community composting project could be a compost bin in a community garden, a shared worm farm in an apartment block or school, or perhaps a compost system used by a group of local businesses.

Sydney City Farm hosts talks about composting and worm farming.

Whatever composting system you choose, our guidelines will help make your project a success.

Plan of management

Before you get started, you need to show us a plan of management. You don't need to start it from scratch, we've put together a plan of management template you can use.


For more information or advice about a composting project, please contact:

Business and school composting:
Waste Programs Coordinator
02 9265 9333

Community composting in parks:

Signs for your project

Worm farm. We prefer to be placed in shade in summer and in the sun during winter. Please cut organic material into small pieces as we have only small mouths. We like vegetable scraps, egg shells, organic fruit (no pesticides), shredded paper, tea bags (remove string and staple). We don’t like pineapple, citrus, onions and garlic, oils, meat or dairy products, fresh grass clippings and raw sawdust.

You can download more signs for your worm farm or compost.

Last updated: Monday, 2 March 2020