Central Sydney planning strategy

Central Sydney planning strategy

Under review

The City of Sydney is now preparing for a statutory public exhibition.

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Planning for development in central Sydney means planning Sydney's ongoing competitiveness, attractiveness and resilience.

The draft Central Sydney planning strategy supports opportunities for additional height and density in the right locations balanced with urban design excellence and environmental sustainability.

These opportunities are presented in stages – short-term, medium-term and ongoing. They align with planned developments in infrastructure and technology for an economically, environmentally and socially successful city.

The draft strategy reviewed the current planning controls against the City’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 program.

On Monday 9 December 2019 a Lord Mayoral Minute was endorsed by Council.

City staff are preparing an amended Central Sydney planning proposal for Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee to consider in February 2020.

NSW Government approval will be required before a statutory public exhibition can commence.

Next steps

The strategy and relevant documents will be placed on public exhibition for a minimum of 28 days.

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10 key moves

  1. Prioritise employment growth and increase capacity.
  2. Ensure development responds to context.
  3. Consolidate and simplify planning controls.
  4. Provide for employment growth in new tower clusters.
  5. Ensure infrastructure keeps pace with growth.
  6. Move towards a more sustainable city.
  7. Protect, enhance and expand Central Sydney's heritage, public places and spaces.
  8. Move people more easily.
  9. Reaffirm commitment to design excellence.
  10. Monitor outcomes and respond.

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Senior Specialist Planner

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Wayne Williamson
Senior Specialist Planner

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Last updated: Friday, 28 February 2020