Comment on or object to a development proposal

How to prepare feedback on a development or outdoor dining proposal in the City of Sydney local area.

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What you need to do

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Before you start

Privacy concerns

We make emails and letters containing comments and objections available in full on our website. This is explained in the terms and conditions when you comment on an application from ePlanning Search.

However, if you want some or all identifying information about you to be private, instead of using our ePlanning service, send your feedback to [email protected]. You must include the application reference number and the site address in your email.

Tell us what identifying information you want kept private in the first paragraph of your email. We will still publish your feedback but with information which may identify you withheld.

Feedback is routinely placed on the NSW Planning Portal. Even when your privacy is requested, personal information within these copies will be available in the portal to applicants and external agencies.

After you finish

We’ll notify you when we’ve received your comment or objection.

Your feedback will be carefully considered as part of the assessment process to determine the application.


If amendments to an application are minor or reduce impacts, you won’t be notified.

Wherever possible, people who have made comments will be notified when an application is to be determined by the Local Planning Panel or the Central Sydney Planning Committee.

Due to the short timeframe from when an agenda is published to the meeting taking place, it is not always practical to notify people who commented in writing. We ask you to include a daytime telephone number with your email address, so we can contact you quickly.

When a final determination is made about an application, everyone who commented is informed of the outcome. For applications determined by the Local Planning Panel or Central Sydney Planning Committee, Council business papers are available online.

Useful contacts

Planning assessment unit

Find out more about a specific application and its progress.


Find out when the next committee meeting is scheduled or request time to speak at the meeting.