Prepare a cost summary report with your development application

Consent fees are based on the value of works proposed.

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What you need to do

Before you start

A fee applies to most development applications.

Our fees and charges are available online and at our customer service centres.

Many applications also require payment of an advertising notification fee. 

Estimated costs of works

The development application fee is based on the estimated cost of development and the cost incurred if a contractor carries out the works. The cost incurred does not apply to an owner-builder carrying out the works.

The following are examples of items to include in the development cost:

  • Preliminaries: scaffolding, hoarding, fencing, site sheds, delivery of materials, waste management.
  • Internal fit out: flooring, wall finishings, fittings, fixtures and bathrooms.
  • Demolition works: including cost of removal from the site and disposal.
  • Professional fees as part of the design: architect’s and consultant’s fees.
  • Site preparation: clearing vegetation, decontamination or remediation.
  • Excavation or dredging: including shoring, tanking, filling and waterproofing.
  • Internal services: plumbing, electrics, air conditioning, mechanical, fire protection, plants and lifts.
  • External services: gas, telecommunications, water, sewage, drains and electricity to mains.
  • Building construction and engineering: concrete, brickwork, plastering, steelwork/metal works, carpentry/joinery, windows, doors and roofing.
  • Other structures: landscaping, retaining walls, driveways, parking, boating facilities, loading areas and pools.
  • Other related work.
  • Charges and fees: GST, Long Service Levy, development application fee, construction.

Misrepresenting the value of the development will result in delays in its assessment and require reassessment/redetermination.

Development costs over $40 million

In the case of development which exceeds $40 million in cost, it is imperative that an accurate estimate is provided at development application stage as this will determine the correct consent authority.

The Central Sydney Planning Committee is the consent authority for all development over $50 million.

Suitably qualified persons

The following people are recognised as suitably qualified persons:

  • Builder licensed to undertake the proposed building works
  • Certified quantity surveyor
  • Registered land surveyor
  • Registered architect
  • Practising qualified building estimator
  • Qualified and accredited building designer
  • Person who is licensed, has the relevant qualifications and proven experience in costing development works similar to the proposal.

After you finish 

We’ll request payment of your fees after we review your application. The application will only be lodged once payment is received.

Integrated developments attract additional fees which are requested by the relevant authority, such as Road and Maritime Services, after your application has been accepted and lodged. This is done through the NSW Planning Portal.