Planning and building approvals changes to lodgement options

Building approvals and construction applications may be emailed until further notice.

Please email the application (form only) to You’ll be contacted to provide supporting documents.

Alternatively, please post your complete application (form and supporting documents) to:

City of Sydney
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001


Before hoardings and scaffolding can be erected on a public road and/or footpath, you must obtain approval from the City.

The regulation and control of hoardings is covered under the City's hoardings and scaffolding policy and guidelines.

These documents contain detailed technical requirements for their design, installation and maintenance.

If you are unsure of what type of hoarding or scaffolding you will need to use, you can refer to the types of hoarding and scaffolding information page.

Design guidelines

The guidelines also contain requirements to install graphics and artwork on hoarding site fences and fascias of Type B hoardings. The installation of graphics on hoardings is mandatory in certain circumstances such as the location, duration of installation and proximity to major transport corridors. They are required to minimise adverse visual impacts of work sites and hoardings, and to increase the presence of creativity in our streetscapes. Please refer to the creative graphics section for more information.

Talk to us

If you are planning to erect a substantial hoarding or scaffolding, particularly in the city centre and other busy commercial areas, or for a lengthy duration, please contact the building certification services team to discuss your proposal:

02 9265 9751

Fees and bonds

As the City is the owner of public streets, a footpath/roadway occupation fee is charged to place a temporary structure on a public road/footpath. The fees vary depending on the hoarding type, its location and whether sheds will be placed on the hoarding deck. Fees are calculated based on the length of the hoarding along a property or building frontage.

Some hoardings, mainly Type B, also require payment of a performance bond to cover damage to City property, such as footpath surfaces, street trees and other City requirements. Further details are available in clause 1.12.2 of the guidelines for hoardings and scaffolding.

Hoarding fees estimator

You can get an estimate of the fees and charges for hoardings in the City's local area. Please note: The calculator will provide an estimated cost, which should only be used as a guide. We can only provide an exact cost when your application has been lodged and assessed.


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Last updated: Thursday, 16 April 2020