How to create or commission your own site-specific artwork for construction site hoardings

Bespoke graphics are an opportunity to create an intriguing and beautiful piece of street art.

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What you need to do

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Before you start

Learn about the creative hoardings program

The creative hoardings program aims to transform the visual impact of construction sites. It also provides opportunities for artists to showcase their work on a large scale in very visible locations.

Find a printing firm

There are a number of large format printing firms in the Sydney region that can print and install graphics on hoardings.

Some commercial suppliers of hoardings can also arrange to print and install the graphics as a packaged service.

Ask for help

We’re happy to walk you through this process. The benefit of keeping to these guidelines, and realising the spirit of creating interesting ‘street art’, is your hoarding application will be approved much faster.

Due to the varying nature of hoarding sizes and shapes, you are free to size individual elements, such as logos, artist information and project information as best suits the overall design. Remember, the spirit of ‘bespoke graphics’ and our creative hoardings program is to enliven streetscapes.

If you’d like advice on how best to create your hoarding artwork, we’d love to help you. We can help you find, engage, and brief artists. We can also introduce you to cultural organisations you could partner with to create something fantastic.

Remember you will need an example for your application

You will need to provide an example of your bespoke graphics with your application for assessment and approval. Further details are available in clause 3.4 of the guidelines for hoardings and scaffolding.

Guidelines for hoardings and scaffoldingPDF · 16.04 MB · Last modified

Using creative graphics

We require the use of creative graphics on temporary structures in high traffic areas.

There are currently 3 options for installing artwork on eligible hoardings.

  1. Bespoke. You may create or commission your own site-specific artwork. Designs will require our approval and an image of your proposed design must be lodged with your application.
  2. Historic images. Temporary structures surrounding heritage-listed sites or in areas of heritage significance are required to display historic images of the locality. To help you meet this requirement, we have developed a design template and can supply photographs.
  3. Site Works. We called for artists and designers from across the nation to propose artworks for display on hoardings. We selected and licensed 10 artworks. These are available to use on eligible hoardings free of charge. In some cases we may require these artworks to be used.

Where hoardings and/or scaffolding are erected on public land including roads and footpaths, we reserve the right to display community information about major projects, festivals and special events. You'll be advised during the application process if we intend to exercise this right.

Which graphic is right for your site?

Site type 4–8 weeks 9–26 weeks 26+ weeks
Heritage-listed building, city centre Historic images Historic images Historic images
Heritage-listed building, non-city centre Graphics are not required Historic images* Historic images
Heritage conservation area, non-city centre Graphics are not required Historic images* Historic images
City centre, high visibility (high traffic or pedestrian area) Site Works Site Works Site Works
City centre, low visibility (low traffic and pedestrian movement or laneways) Site Works Site Works Site Works
Non-city centre, high visibility (high traffic major transport corridor or pedestrian area) Graphics are not required Site Works Site Works
Non-city centre, low visibility (minor local street with low traffic and pedestrian movement) Graphics are not required Historic images* Site Works

*In these cases, graphics are only required if the hoarding is installed for more than 12 weeks. Please refer to table 1 in the guidelines for hoardings and scaffolding.

What to avoid

  • Material which discriminates or vilifies a person or section of the community on account of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexuality, religion, disability, mental illness or political belief.
  • Sexual appeal in a manner which is exploitative and degrading of any individual or group of people – the artwork should treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience.
  • Presenting or portraying violence unless it’s justifiable in the context.
  • Language which is inappropriate in the circumstances.
  • Phone numbers, website addresses, marketing campaign messaging and any other company information must not be included within the ‘art’ panels.