Addressing noise disturbances

There are laws around noise pollution and the City of Sydney has policies and procedures in place to help you deal with any particular issues that are cause for concern.

This section provides advice and the steps you can take to reduce noise from:

Exhaust fans and air-conditioners can also cause intrusive noise and are not allowed to be used in residential premises if they can be heard within a neighbour's living areas between 10pm to 7am on weekdays and 10pm to 8am on weekends and public holidays.

Complaints about your neighbours

Before taking formal steps to complain about noise you should attempt to contact your neighbour to discuss the problem and try to work out an appropriate solution. Be tactful when bringing the complaint to their notice as they might not realise there is a problem or they may be sensitive about issues such as crying babies.

If your neighbour won’t discuss the issue, you can contact Community Justice Centres for help with free mediation. An independent mediator will help you and your neighbour discuss the matter.

If you're still unable to resolve the matter, contact the City of Sydney's 24-hour customer service line on 02 9265 9333. Before you contact us it is important that you complete the noise diary log, available for download below, for a period of 10 days. The information you provide within the diary log will help us to give you the appropriate advice, which may also be used as evidence should we need to take any formal action on your behalf. Noise complaints made after hours are referred to City rangers who aim to follow them up as soon as possible. If the situation is complex and difficult to fix, rangers will refer the complaint on for a more thorough investigation.


NSW Environment Protection Authority also has a range of resources available for dealing with noise, whether your complaint relates to your neighbours, alarms or motor vehicles.

Dealing with noise Managing noise from intruder alarms

Last updated: Monday, 20 January 2020