A basketball court in Waterloo Park.
Stairs down to a fitness station and basketball court.
A shaded area in Waterloo Park.

This large neighbourhood park contains a partially enclosed playground with an adjacent basketball practice area, outdoor fitness equipment and a nearby sports oval and skate park.


  • Public toilets included

  • Dog off-leash included

    At all times.
    Prohibited areas: playground, oval, courts and skate park.

  • Exercise equipment included

    • Outdoor fitness equipment and furniture, including bars, poles and benches.
    • Fitness area has bike racks and water bubblers.

  • Skate park included

    • 920sqm full street-style skate plaza.
    • Blocks, ledges, banked ledges, manual pads, stairs, rails, flat bar, fly-out, corner bank, steep wall and mini-ramp.
    • Suits every ability of plaza-style skating, scooting and BMX riding.