Proposed changes to planning controls for 118–130 Epsom Road and 905 South Dowling Street, Zetland

Project Status: Closed

Public consultation period to

Why we’re doing this

The proposed changes will enable the site’s redevelopment for a mixed-use development including residential, commercial and retail uses, while securing enhanced public spaces and streets, greater housing diversity and good sustainability outcomes.

What we’re doing

The proposed changes are to:

  • increase the permitted height in some areas of the site and reduce it in others
  • set building heights that range from 90m (25 storeys) to 3m (1 storey)
  • introduce a range of different building types to provide more housing diversity, including family terraces
  • provide more public spaces and streets
  • support a good sustainability outcome, including a BASIX score of at least 5 points higher than current minimum requirements for energy and water
  • secure no less than 4% of the gross floor area for non-residential uses
  • guide the location of non-residential uses by identifying active street frontages.

The proposal doesn’t change the existing zoning or the amount of development (floor-space ratio) permitted on the site.

This consultation includes:

  1. Planning proposal to amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012. It contains the background, objectives, explanation and justification of the draft controls. Key changes are a revised height of buildings, which will set the heights across the site and a proposed active frontages map that will set the location of non-residential uses.
  2. Draft development control plan to amend the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012. This provides the framework for the changes to public spaces and streets on the site and supports the alternative height controls by guiding the bulk and scale of development and how the buildings present to the street.
  3. Draft planning agreement between the landowner, the developer and the City of Sydney which contains commitments for the developer to provide the following in connection with the revised planning controls:
  • no less than 3,696sqm to be provided as non-residential floor area
  • achieve a BASIX energy and water score at least 5 points above target
  • design and construction of all future buildings to be capable of providing a dual reticulation water system 
  • install infrastructure to enable all residential parking spaces to be capable of being fitted with an EV charger.

Read the proposal

Planning proposal (draft)PDF · 3.05 MB · Last modified
Development control plan (draft)PDF · 690.38 KB · Last modified
Planning AgreementPDF · 342.04 KB · Last modified

Supporting documents

Officer’s reportPDF · 1.66 MB · Last modified
Planning proposal requestPDF · 5.68 MB · Last modified
Urban design reportPDF · 11.61 MB · Last modified
Concept schemePDF · 10.37 MB · Last modified
Reference schemePDF · 1.91 MB · Last modified
PerspectivesPDF · 8.88 MB · Last modified
Solar studiesPDF · 21.85 MB · Last modified
Additional overshadowing analysisPDF · 8.19 MB · Last modified
Updated overshadowing analysisPDF · 15.77 MB · Last modified
Solar impact – Randwick local government areaPDF · 1.92 MB · Last modified
View studiesPDF · 3.85 MB · Last modified
SurveysPDF · 5.91 MB · Last modified
Landscape planPDF · 12.44 MB · Last modified
Traffic impact assessmentPDF · 14.67 MB · Last modified
Environmental wind tunnel studyPDF · 4.44 MB · Last modified
Noise and vibration impact assessmentPDF · 3.5 MB · Last modified
Ecologically sustainable development reportPDF · 1.03 MB · Last modified
Flood assessment and stormwater management report – part 1PDF · 2.16 MB · Last modified
Flood assessment and stormwater management report – part 2PDF · 22.04 MB · Last modified
Flood assessment and stormwater management report – part 3PDF · 10.61 MB · Last modified
Public art strategyPDF · 8.93 MB · Last modified
Arborist reportPDF · 10.13 MB · Last modified
Airport OLS geoheightPDF · 402.35 KB · Last modified
Information relevant to officer’s reportPDF · 11.76 MB · Last modified
Planning agreement – explanatory notePDF · 119.07 KB · Last modified

Next steps

The Department of Planning and Environment has determined that Council will not be the local plan-making authority for this planning proposal.

We will consider all feedback and report the results to Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee. If approved, the proposal will be sent to the Department of Planning and Environment for final approval.

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 8 May 2023.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation’s name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your contribution.

Other ways you can give feedback