Your feedback on the updated design and review of environmental factors for Gunyama Park, Zetland

The final stage of Gunyama Park is ready to be completed.

Project Status: Under review

Public consultation period to

What we’re doing

A portion of land has now become available in Zetland that allows us to complete Gunyama Park.

We’ve updated the design of the park and completed a review of environmental factors for the second stage of works.

The review details the impacts the project may have on the environment and steps to avoid, minimise and manage those impacts.

The updated park design is based on feedback from targeted consultation we carried out in 2023. We consulted Elders from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community about the Indigenous interpretation proposed for the site. We also consulted local skaters about the design for the skate space proposed for the park.  

Updated design for Gunyama Park

The design includes:

  • a new road to the east of the site, part of George Julius Avenue, connecting to Epsom Road
  • a larger open lawn area and more trees, shrubs and native plants
  • an Indigenous learning circle and cultural season design elements 
  • a plaza/street skate space to the northwest corner of the site
  • new amenities building with change rooms and accessible public toilets
  • new playground and play equipment for younger and older age groupsnew seating, picnic tables, shade canopies and barbecue facilities.

The park will remain on-leash for dogs.

This project is part of our work to build new parks, upgrade existing ones and work with developers to provide more than 21 hectares of parks and playgrounds in the Green Square area.


Gunyama Park overall planPDF · 1.77 MB · Last modified
Review of environmental factorsPDF · 2.4 MB · Last modified
Appendix A – drawingsPDF · 73.49 MB · Last modified
Appendix B – remedial action planPDF · 25.7 MB · Last modified
Appendix C – report on geotechnical investigationPDF · 14.1 MB · Last modified
Appendix D – flood investigationsPDF · 4.18 MB · Last modified
Appendix E – transport assessmentPDF · 3.64 MB · Last modified
Appendix F – road safety auditPDF · 11.43 MB · Last modified

Next steps

We’ll report all feedback and design changes to Council and will continue to a detailed design. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this project. 

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on 25 October 2023.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation's name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your contribution.

Other ways you can give feedback