Market operator, Shannon Reserve & Collins Street Reserve, Surry Hills – register your interest

The City of Sydney invites applications for an operator of a community market in Shannon Reserve.

Project Status: Closed

Public consultation period to

Application criteria for a community markets operator

We encourage applications from a market operator who can:

  • provide a clear point of difference to existing markets within the City of Sydney local area through a curated offering
  • work with the local community, including businesses and organisations to provide workshops and activities that connect the local community
  • complement the surrounding area and existing businesses
  • show a clear commitment to zero waste to landfill, including a ban on single-use plastic bags and use of biodegradable containers and cutlery in the market
  • commit to reducing food waste by using food rescue organisations for unsold food or food waste collection for recycling.

The market operator must be able to:

  • operate the market as an interesting and vibrant destination
  • operate a market that sells quality goods and services representing value for money
  • maintain high standards of presentation and customer success
  • ensure the market’s operation complements and adds value to the area’s existing businesses
  • organise and manage the market professionally
  • have regular contact with the City of Sydney and provide ongoing performance reports
  • meet all the requirements of the licence and relevant legal and planning obligations.

Each of the evaluation criteria listed above is considered to be critical to this request for proposal. They are not of equal weight for evaluation and are not listed in order of priority.

The City of Sydney may undertake financial assessments of bidders to determine their financial capacity to undertake the proposal to be under the licence. This may be undertaken by a third party appointed by the City of Sydney.

On request the applicant should provide recent years financial information which may include financial statements (profit and loss, balance sheets and notes) and management accounts/financial statements.

Applicants must complete all parts of the request for proposal forms. We may reject any application that does not provide all the required information.

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