Apply to set up a local market

Seek approval to set up markets in the local area and learn how to successfully get yours up and running.

At least $50 – the application fee is $250 for commercial organisations and $50 for charitable or registered not-for-profit organisations.

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What you need to do

Market site applicationPDF · 82.16 KB · Last modified

Before you start

Read our guide to setting up a market

The guide is designed to help you through the market application process, assist in identifying suitable sites, obtain consent to use the site (including development consent) and ensure the market meets legislative requirements.

Read our Markets Policy

Our Markets Policy applies to markets held more than 4 times a year on land controlled by us. This policy establishes a framework for us to approve markets. It outlines the level of commitment needed and provides a step-by-step process to help new market operators.

Discuss your application with us

We recommend contacting our market coordinator to discuss your application before submitting it.

Guide to setting up a market on council landPDF · 2.5 MB · Last modified
Markets policyPDF · 279.74 KB · Last modified

Which markets don’t follow the steps outlined in this guide?

  • The Markets Policy and guide don’t apply to temporary markets on Council land.
  • Temporary markets are markets that operate on up to four occasions in their first 12 months of operation.
  • Our event guidelines, intended for one-off and temporary events, apply to temporary markets.
  • Land owner’s consent and development consent must be obtained for markets that are not on Council’s land. The Markets Policy and guide don’t apply to those markets.