Check or change a rate category or certificate

How to apply to have your property re-categorised, find out about mixed development land, postponed rates and combining the ‘lots’ on your rates notice.

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Other information

Mixed development land

A mixed development property is charged at a combination of residential and business rates. Such properties could include a corner shop, doctor’s surgery or solicitor’s office with a residence attached. The residence should have its own entrance, kitchen and bathroom (or facilities for cooking and bathing). Premises with a common entrance and shared facilities usually aren't considered mixed developments.

Residential and business rates are charged according to the proportion of land used for each purpose. Generally, the dual charges provide some financial relief to the property owner.

Mixed developments are determined and approved by Land and Property Information NSW.

Postponed rates

A ratepayer can apply to postpone part of the rates on land which is used only as the site of a house if it is valued for another purpose (for example, business use or the construction of residential apartments).

Rates attributed to the increased value are postponed for 5 years and then ‘written off’, together with any accrued interest on those rates.

Aggregation of land parcels

Owners of an apartment, unit or flat may receive a rates notice for each ‘lot’ on their property – such as the residence itself and any associated car spaces or storage areas. You can apply to have such lots aggregated (combined) so that your rates charges are calculated as one land value instead. This eliminates any of the minimum rate charges you may be paying for each lot, thus reducing the total rates bill.

We can only aggregate lots if:

  • the ownership of each lot is exactly the same for each lot as per the title
  • all lots are within the same strata plan/scheme (or it is noted on the strata plan that the lots are used in conjunction)
  • none of the lots are moorings/marina berths.

Residential car spaces and storage lots

The City of Sydney will aggregate 3 car spaces (maximum) and all storage lots to a (residential) strata unit if they are:

  • within the same strata scheme
  • used in conjunction with the unit
  • used by the occupier of the unit
  • not leased out for private purpose.

Business car space and storage lot

The City of Sydney will aggregate 1 car space only and 1 storage lot only to a business lot if they are:

  • within the same strata scheme
  • used in conjunction with the lot
  • used by the occupier of the lot
  • not leased out for private purpose.

Land exempt from rates

Certain land, such as land belonging to churches, hospitals and schools, is exempt from rates charges.

Land owned and used by public charities may also be exempt.