Two people squatting on the glass floor inside Customs House to take pictures of the city model.  Behind the two people, one person takes photo standing on the glass floor.
Two groups of people on the glass floor. They look at the city model displayed under the glass floor.
Looking from the mezzanine level down onto a white floor with a model under the glass.

Step into Customs House and marvel at this spectacular scale model of downtown Sydney. Displayed under a glass floor on ground level.

Put our city into perspective. Spot the miniature sights you’ve seen or will see in real life.

Visitors love to get orientated while children enjoy tracing the streets with their feet and pretending they’re giants as they stomp over Sydney.

Handcrafted for over 20 years and regularly updated, our City Model is even more striking at night when it comes alive with hundreds of fibre-optic lights illuminating the streets.

Climb the helix stairs to the first floor for a bird’s eye view. While you’re there, put your friends and family on the map – literally. Get them to pose for a photo. 

Opening hours

Check library and tourist information desk opening hours to plan your visit. Customs House building opening hours are: 

  • Monday to Friday

    8am to 12 midnight

  • Saturday

    9am to 12 midnight

  • Sunday

    9am to 5pm

City model at a glance:

  • Depicts 10 square kilometres of downtown Sydney

  • 150+ finely detailed landmark

  • 1500+ solid acrylic block buildings

  • Weighs almost 1 tonne

  • 36kms of fibre optic cables

  • Over 5000 trees

  • 2mm on model = 1 metre

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