Place Projections

Place Projections

Celebrating Aboriginal histories and cultures

Larger-than-life images of Aboriginal women were projected onto the 20-metre façade of the Australian Museum to celebrate the importance of Sydney’s Aboriginal history and culture.

The wall on William Street, East Sydney, was transformed by stills from an original film work, ‘belong to all yet to none 3 2012’, by Sydney-based Wiradjuri artist Nicole Foreshew.

Ms Foreshew’s work was selected from 10 submissions by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists for the Place Projections public art project. 

Her artwork was projected onto the museum for 3 months from November 2013, during one of the busiest tourist periods in Sydney.

The work explores the Aboriginal concept of place, tracing personal histories and connections to communities and features women draped in cloth imbued with traces of mineral and plant specimens.

Eora Journey celebrates the living culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Sydney.

Eora means ‘the people’ in the Gadigal language, so the Eora Journey is ‘the people’s journey’.

Last updated: Thursday, 21 November 2013