Digital city

Digital city

Securing our smart digital future

We want Sydney to continue being one of the most innovative and liveable cities in the world. For our city to remain competitive, we need to continue to harness opportunities in the smart use of technology and data. We also need to keep attracting people to work here so our local businesses and economy can continue to thrive.

We want all our residents and businesses to benefit from the opportunities of a digital future and a smart city. Our digital strategy sets out the principles we follow to provide projects and programs for our local residents, workers and visitors. Our smart city strategic framework sets a clear direction for how we can use technology and data to make better decisions and enhance quality of life for our diverse communities.

People first approach

In a time of continuing technological change, disruption and uncertainty, we need to keep our focus on people. We need to meet the expectations of our communities and make the changes necessary to keep pace in a fast-moving digital world.

As our population continues to grow, the needs of our communities and environment are intensifying. There is more pressure on our services, budgets and infrastructure and we need to use data and technology to address these pressing challenges and build resilience. We also want to make the most of our local area’s strengths and rich natural assets and unlock new opportunities.

It’s not possible to do all of this alone. We will work in partnership with other government agencies, universities and businesses to maximise the benefits for our community.

Our digital strategy sets out our approach to digital transformation with 6 key principles:

  1. Champion digital inclusion and lifelong learning. We create programs to encourage skilled, digitally-literate communities for everyone to access and enjoy the benefits of digital technology.
  2. Create people-centred digital programs and services. We design our programs and services around the people who use them to provide a better experience of dealing with the City of Sydney. This also means ensuring people can access our online services any time from any device.
  3. Transform how we engage with all our communities. We use technology to have a more open conversation with our community that leads to greater community participation in decision-making processes.
  4. Support businesses to build digital skills, knowledge and infrastructure. We support our local economy to be more resilient and enhance Sydney's reputation as a collaborative, connected and innovative city to attract talented people into our local workforce.
  5. Actively participate in the urban renewal of Sydney, advocating for, and where appropriate providing, smart infrastructure needed to ensure Sydney's global competitiveness. We use our influence to partner with others to get these networks and infrastructure in place.
  6. Innovate ethically in the information marketplace. We creatively use data to improve the performance and operation of our systems and infrastructure, while meeting privacy expectations, and we encourage understanding of security issues.

Our smart city strategic framework identifies the 5 outcomes we want to achieve with smart, ethical and secure use of data and technology, underpinned by smart infrastructure:

  1. Supporting connected and empowered communities. We co-create the design and provision of city services and facilities with our communities. And we empower our communities to make more effective decisions by using open data and having the skills and tools to innovate and thrive.
  2. Fuelling global competitiveness and attraction and retaining global talent. We embrace digital disruption to foster an innovation ecosystem, cultivate a culture of experimentation and sustain Sydney’s position as a global magnet for talent.
  3. Futureproofing our environment and bolstering resilience. We make purposeful use of data to monitor, predict and manage city conditions and the impacts of shocks and stresses on our city and community. We embrace new technologies that accelerate our progress to a carbon-neutral future.
  4. Cultivating vibrant, liveable places. We use data and technology to help us optimise street space allocation and prioritise active transport, improve how we plan, build and maintain infrastructure, assets and systems, and enhance the experience of the physical city.
  5. Providing customer-centric efficient services. We use data to understand the community’s needs and preferences so we can provide joined-up, personalised and responsive services. We embrace smart technology and operating models to provide the efficient services our communities expect.

Last updated: Tuesday, 7 April 2020