Recycle batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs

An easy and convenient way to recycle your old batteries, mobiles and light bulbs is to drop them off at our recycling stations.


Project Status: When you need to do this

What you need to do


After you finish

Our contractor MRI E-cycle Solutions collects and recycles the items locally, using state-of-the-art processes and facilities.

In their next life:

  • old batteries can come back as brand new ones
  • mobile phones can be taken apart and ‘mined’ for gold, silver and palladium
  • light bulbs can be broken down and recycled into glass wool insulation and the mercury recovered for other uses.

Why proper disposal is important

If batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs end up in a recycling plant or landfill, they can contaminate recyclable materials, leach toxic chemicals into our soil and possibly even contaminate the groundwater table – the source of our drinking water.

Some also contain valuable resources, like precious metals, that can be used in the production of new materials thus reducing the need for mining raw materials and associated environmental impacts.