Apply for exemption or approval for changes to state heritage register-listed places

To cut red tape and reduce assessment timeframes, the Heritage Council of NSW has delegated a range of functions to the City of Sydney.

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What you need to do

Section 60 fast track applications

To reduce assessment timeframes, a section 60 fast track approval pathway applies to minor works.

To be eligible, the proposal must relate to activities or works to a state heritage register or interim heritage order item, which:

  • will have little or no adverse impact on the heritage significance of the item
  • is not listed as an exemption under the Heritage Act 1977
  • has a cost of works up to $150,000.

The fast track application cannot be used to obtain heritage approval following an integrated development application determination. Also, a section 60 fast track approval cannot be modified, except for minor administrative corrections.

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Works applications (section 60)

The standard section 60 approval pathway is for activities and works:

  • to an item listed on the NSW state heritage register or subject to an interim heritage order
  • that have, or would have the potential to have, a moderate or greater impact on the heritage significance of the item, in the opinion of the Heritage Council (or its delegate)
  • that are not listed as an exemption under the Heritage Act 1977
  • that will exceed an estimated cost of $150,000
  • that are in line with any relevant guidelines.

This is the pathway for heritage approvals following determination of an integrated development application and where modifications may be required.

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Modification to approved works applications (section 65a)

A modification of approval can only be lodged by the original applicant of the standard section 60 works application.

Reasons for modification of a standard section 60 approval may include:

  • minor corrections
  • clarifications
  • amendments
  • additional work.

A section 60 fast track works approval cannot be modified.

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Before you start

This delegation covers applications under the Heritage Act 1977 in our area.

Information and frequently asked questions are available on the Heritage NSW website.

Fees apply.

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