Gain exemption from requiring development consent for heritage works

You may still need to notify us about minor or maintenance works to local heritage items or buildings within heritage conservation areas.

Project Status: When you need to do this

What you need to do

Before you start 

To make it easier for owners to maintain and repair their properties, the Sydney Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 specifies certain development that may be carried out to heritage items or within heritage conservation areas without the need for a development application.

Works can only be carried out without a development application when:

  • the consent authority has been notified and given approval in writing
  • they're minor, to maintain and don’t affect the significance of a heritage item, Aboriginal object, place of heritage significance or archaeological site or building within a heritage conservation area.

After you finish

If your request is approved, you should keep the City of Sydney’s written confirmation that your works don’t require consent for your records.