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T-2022-897 Enterprise Booking and Event Management System (EBEMS)

The Council of the City of Sydney (the City) invites tenders for the purposes of completing and supporting the implementation of an Enterprise Booking and Event Management System (EBEMS) in accordance with this Request for Tender. The City has embarked on a journey of digital transformation, with significant effort focussed on improving the customer and community journey.

As a result, a number of initiatives will be deployed from early 2023 to improve the overall community digital experience with the City across all major online transactions. These initiatives require us to maintain a consistent digital ecosystem and community experience, irrespective of the diversity of systems behind the scenes.

As such, the City has invested heavily in researching the ideal customer experience for public bookable spaces, courses, and events. In order to maintain consistency of experience, service providers have been provided with high-fidelity examples of the proposed EBEMS UX/UI designs and business workflow processes as a guide on which to base their fixed price quote. These examples and proposed designs have been developed solely by the City and it is expected that these examples and proposed designs will form part of the service provider's core product.

Accordingly, as part of the proposed arrangements, the City will provide the service provider with an intellectual property licence to use the designs and workflows developed as part of this project as well as for commercialisation purposes, which may include for the purposes of servicing other clients. In return for the provision of the licence, the City expects development and integration work pricing to be discounted accordingly and access to all future releases and product upgrades in such a way that future upgrades will not result in rework and prohibitive costs. This should be reflected in the Schedule of Prices.

The City is committed to creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses. The City encourages First Nations People businesses, Local SME, Start-ups as well as social enterprises (including Cooperatives) to work with us and respond to this opportunity.

If you have any difficulties please contact the Procurement Representative in the first instance.

Please note:

The City will generally not enter into negotiations on the standard conditions of contract. By responding to this RFT you are deemed to have accepted the City's conditions of contract. Immaterial changes to the contract may be considered, however, if you wish to propose changes, this needs to be done prior to the closing date. Such proposed changes must be sent to the Procurement Representative via email no later than 5 business days prior to the Closing Date of the RFT for consideration by the City. Please refer to Part C - Returnable Schedules Schedule S for further information.

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