Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping

Report illegal dumping

Dumping unwanted material on the footpath is an offence.

You can report illegal dumping incidents by using our online form.

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Dumping unwanted goods is illegal

Illegal dumping is an environmental, economic and social problem because it:

  • pollutes our waterways through the stormwater system
  • is a waste of resources because dumped items can often be recycled or reused
  • attracts vermin such as rats and cockroaches
  • looks unsightly and blocks access for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles
  • is a financial burden to the City and ratepayers.

Report illegal dumping

If you spot illegally dumped goods or if you see somebody dumping items, report it to us by using our online form.

Free clean-up collections

There is no need to dump unwanted items and materials. The City offers residents a free kerbside pick-up service for large household items, furniture, mattresses, whitegoods and e-waste every week. Collection days depend on where you live and bookings are essential.

Wherever possible, we try to recycle materials from the household items we collect. Mattresses, whitegoods, and e-waste are recycled. Items we can’t recycle (such as most furniture) will be processed for other beneficial end-uses.

Any leftover household chemicals you have at home – including paints, solvents, pesticides and even cleaning products, drop them off at the NSW Government's Household Chemical CleanOut.

Help avoid waste by donating your unwanted items to charity, selling or giving them away before you arrange a collection.

Last updated: Wednesday, 20 November 2019