Book a free pick-up for bulky items

We can collect your old furniture, mattresses, whitegoods, e-waste and more.

About 1 week – often sooner, depending on the scheduled date you select

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What you need to do

Before you start

Consider reuse

Before booking a pick-up, consider other ways to re-use your unwanted items. If your items are still in good and working condition, try to find a new home for them first. This helps reduce waste to landfill and supports community reuse of resources.

You could give them away to someone who needs it. Try advertising online through Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Trading Post, eBay or Freecycle.

Find out more about reuse, repair and rehoming options.

What we don’t pick up

Any of these items placed out won’t be picked up and may result in a fine.

  • Food and general waste: bags of rubbish, food scraps, recyclables.
  • Building, renovation or demolition material: carpet, carpet off-cuts, bricks, rubble, dirt, pipes, roofing panels, doors, plasterboard, floor or roof tiles, girders, timber, fencing or wooden pallets, bathtubs, kitchen cupboards and kitchen sinks.
  • Mirrors and glass items, including furniture with glass tops or panels. You can take these to a SUEZ resource recovery centre or Bingo recycling centre (fees apply).
  • Household chemicals: paints, oils, flammable liquids, poisons, pesticides, household and pool cleaners, motor oil or cooking oil, fluorescent lights, gas bottles or fire extinguishers. These can be recycled at a Household Chemical CleanOut collection.
  • Heavy or extra-large items: tree stumps, logs, trunks or branches thicker than 10cm (our trucks can’t handle them). Material over 1.5m long or 100kg heavy.
  • Car parts, car tyres and car batteries.
  • Electric bike and hoverboard batteries. See our battery guide for where to recycle them.
  • Commercial waste: including milk or bread crates.